[NATURE RANGERS] Our Environmental Observation

Bali is made up of a lot of tourism which is the goal of national and international tourists, as well as Bukit area. In fact there is already a lot of interesting venues, neat, beautiful and clean, but to reach the site, of course travelers have to go through some of the sights on the highway. In this way many of the problems are seen by tourists. Trafic jams, crowded buildings and of course trash scattered in many places.

The phenomenon that occurs is that people usually tend to be lonely mound of rubbish found various types, ranging from concrete, wood, leaves, glass, and plastic. Very sad state of nature, if we look at it and did not feel anything. Especially if the place is used as “runaway dumpster” that there are a lot of trees, should we forget where we get oxygen. Let us remember the 3rd grade lesson on photosynthesis, in which the material concluded that the leaves of the trees produce a gas useful to the human body, oxygen. While humans produce waste gas called carbon dioxide. In a certain size, carbon-dioxide can be absorbed by plants. But if people throw trash here and there, not enough trees that can absorb carbon dioxide will remain, in other words the amount is too excessive, carbon dioxide gas as a result is also produced motor vehicles, factories, and also burning.

Well, having this simple knowledge, is there anything we can do? It doesn’t have to be complicated, a simple one of all is to reduce the use of plastic or properly maintain the things we have that does not easily become junk alias it is not easily broken and thrown into the garbage. No matter how much money do we have to buy a lot of things, but more important is our action so that these objects can be used maximally to it’s limits. */ Dhy (translation Pajoun)

[NATURE RANGERS] “Let’s get rid of the plastic trash!” Indonesian Youth call

Hey, Indonesian youth! What is the value lebihmu than other young people? Is it built?

If used to fit the time not feeling alias fitting the same time we are still colonized colonial nation, the role of Indonesian youth are fighting for freedom, fighting for national identity or fighting for rights of the nation. It was a tough conversation, cuy … Well, we as the youth generation in 2012, it still had to struggle against colonialism? Colonialism was a long story. Now as the generation that keeps the independence, we can do things more varied, creative and have a positive tetep.

For instance do the same activity with Nature Rangers scout kids SMP Negeri 2 South Kuta last month, fitting Youth Pledge Day October 28, 2012, which shows the attitude of loving the environment by cleaning cooperate Green Beach Bowl-cool beach located on the southern island Bali and also inhabited by monkeys in less favorable conditions. The event starts at 16:00 pm followed by children Scout Junior High School 2 South Kuta by about 40 people. They were really excited loh! Although it had to go down and up the stairs that baseball Coast Green Bowls few. Spirit like this ya energy that must be maintained.

Armed with trash bags and supported by the water, we roll up our sleeves to collect plastics are scattered along the stairs up along the beach Green Bowl. In the midst of this clean-up activities if we did not forget to invite the people around, who was dazed, being narcissistic, was running, we invite them to participate and take action love this beach environment. The response was immediate want, there is also a half-hearted, but it is not a problem for us, yet it was a problem on their own and at least we’ve tried to persuade them to do something useful, although it has not produced anything substantial.

Stepping on the end of the event, one important thing that I told the kids Scouts SMP Negeri 2 South Kuta is: “Indonesia is proud to have you. You are tired of going to clean the beach although not many people who look at your actions, but remember this beach Creator loh see your heart! So tetep spirit! And Happy Youth Pledge Day “text-DHY


Scout Children from SMP Negeri 2 South Kuta hand in hand to clean up plastic waste in a tough spot though. Beyond words!

It is hard to clean some tough spots from the plastic trash, but hand in hand, we can do it! No problem, because there are friends who support each other with passion!


On the other coast, we still do the “security” of plastic trash, on the sand and on the rocks though!

Yup! Here we are, a bunch of Balinese children who love nature and show the world, that we have acted to express our feelings!
Thank you Scouts SMP Negeri 2 South Kuta kids for the participation and enthusiasm until the end of the show!